A Shepherd of Southern Utah Speaks out.

This out spoken person feels he must speak forth and defend truth. There are always at least two views to any question. There is the truth, and there are many views of what the truth is!


     A number of people have spoken that they are embarrassed by one Tom Green and his plural wives, and others like him.   They are embarrassed by a family of a man and his dear wives. There are members and leaders of the large LDS Church with headquarter in Salt Lake City, Utah and some in high places in the State of Utah, who are embarrassed by one who still lives or desires to live according to one of the laws of the Celestial Kingdom, as early taught by the Prophet Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ, under the direction of Jesus Christ the Messiah. And demonstratively lived by the prophets of the Scriptures.  There is just cause for their embarrassment.. Many people are embarrassed when they are out done by someone else! Utah government puts on trial a person who exercises free speech and action, without harm to anyone, except the harm the State may do to this family through litigation. All of the true full fledged prophets of God have had plural wives. There is not a person on this earth who is not a descendent of a man with more than one wife. Adam had many wives. Noah had multiple wives at the same time during his life. Christ Jesus also was an example of this principle in his life on this earth. Though the Bible as we have it today has left out much of his life ( from age twelve to thirty, and many other details), there are other historians of the time who have written about his train of women.

    As for the age of marriage, some of the best wives and mothers of this planet were under fourteen when married, young women can be very good mothers with proper support from their family.  The Tom Green family seems to be a good example of this. It is not just to pass a law and make it retroactive to pick on a family or to put to trial so long after the action.   I hope the State of Utah painfully learns this lesson.

    In this age of rampant divorce, and broken families, and the pain to children who have their parents separated, it is a crime of the state to break up a functioning family. You may not agree with plural marriage. I believe according to the laws of the State of Utah, there is no plural marriage here, because this family did not make a marriage contract with the State.  They are also consenting adults.  There are other cases where this has given credence. 

    You may not agree with or like your ancestry, being descended from families where there is more than one mother figure. You may not like to be called a descendent of a plural family, but we all are. I am proud to have such great people as my ancestors. But pride gets one no place. We may be blessed because of our ancestors. We will be blessed more if we live the Laws that brought greatness to them. I testify of this one truth. We can read all we want about an ancestor who was involved with Celestial Plural Marriage, we can have a neighbor or family member who lives Celestial Plural Marriage, but we do not understand Celestial Plural Marriage unless we live and experience it first hand. We cannot receive the full blessing of a Law of God without living according to all the laws, rites, and ordinances pertaining to that blessing. The greatest men and women in the Scriptures and history, were not approved by men of State! Some examples: The Hebrews who were thrown into the furnace (and lived to tell about it), Moses though raised as royalty by Egyptians was at odds with them when he followed God. The Mosaic or Jewish Church rejected Jesus Christ, who millions today profess. Yet, it is written that though many profess a belief in Him, they do not know Him, and He cannot acknowledge them. Martin Luther opposed some activities of the Catholic Church, which started a reformation. Joseph Smith was opposed by many ministers of the day, yet there were others who joined with him. There are many more examples ancient and modern. In 1967 this person went to the Lord in fervent prayer asking whether I should stay in Idaho or move back to Utah. I had to get past the evil one, the destroyer, to get to the Eternal one of peace. I was given the knowledge that by moving back to Utah, I would come in contact with a people who were striving to live the Gospel and that they would be polygamous. I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. One day while studying the D&C 132 with my first dear wife, she said this was telling her that she would be damned. I love that dear sweetheart, the mother of our children.  I realized that I would be damned if I did not do all I should do. Our progress is always damned or stopped whenever we reject truth. Because I studied the Scriptures and doctrines of the LDS Church, my Bishop told my dear wife in my presence to divorce me if I did not quite studying, later she told me in the presence of my family that she would never have divorced me, had not Elder Mark E. Peterson told her to do so, all because I studied. So I was excommunicated on the grounds that I "believed doctrines no longer taught by the Church". There are those who say that such as Tom Green are an embarrassment to the church and the State of Utah. He is not the first to hold that position, nor will he be the last. Apostle John W. Taylor, embarrassed those who chose to be embarrassed when he sat on the front row of LDS Conference with his wives and children. President Wilford Woodruff was embarrassed when he realized what he had done in presenting the Manifesto to the Church, for after doing so and having it accepted by the Church he said "I have just made a covenant with death and an agreement with Hell," in this he fulfilled prophecy. President Heber J. Grant was an embarrassment to many when he continued to marry wives and have children, and this was well after the 1890 Manifesto. He had vowed that he would continue to marry and have children until he got a son. His great error was when he started the persecution of the Polygamists. There are many hypocrites among us, do we want to be numbered among them. It is a strange world that defends the rights of homosexuals, and fights against marriage, even when more than one woman is attracted and joins with one man in a family relationship. This was also the state of affairs with Sodom and Gomorra, do we want the same fate?

    The Messiah will return, and when He returns, and when the City of Enoch Returns, there must be a Zion people, a people pure in heart, a people living here on Earth the same laws and ordinances which enabled the City of Enoch to be raised to a holier sphere. Zion from above will meet, Zion from this Earth. As a triangle pointing down intermeshes with a triangle pointing upwards, you have all seen the symbol. It is on the flag of Israel. This is a symbol of a time of peace and love after much affliction of pain and suffering. The New Jerusalem will be a city with twelve gates for the twelve tribes of Israel, standing for that great old Patriarch Jacob with the children of a great polygamous family, a family patterned after the family of the Gods.. God will prepare a people of TRUTH, a people of honesty, a people who will obey all His laws and ordinance who will learn to be as the Gods and love it. A people full of Grace and Truth. Most people have separated themselves from the Eternal Ones by rejecting the principles which enabled them to be Eternal. Which way do you choose? Eternal Joy or forever sorrow? Do you choose to keep doing the same things which separate from the Eternal Ones, or do you choose to know and follow the ways of the Eternal Ones? The Choice is yours. Any church which chooses to follow a lower path will arrive at a lower place. The Prophet Brigham Young foretold that if the people rejected one principle, that of Celestial Plural Marriage, they would keep rejecting one principle after another until they know nothing at all. Jesus Christ spoke of this rejection of the fullness of the Gospel, it is recorded 3 Nephi Chapter 16. He suggested we repent. He also showed this people who chose the ways of the world over the ways of God to the Prophet Moroni, it is recorded in the eighth chapter of Mormon. "Why have you polluted the Holy Church of God for the Praise of the World?" We can not reject any principle of the Gospel and still have the "Fullness of the Gospel! Wake Up!



Monday, May 24, 2010